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Corporate Philosophy

Management philosophy

"Monozukuri":creating our products with pride and passion. Keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere.

  1. We aim to provide timely products and services with reliable quality and functions as well as high user-friendliness, creating value with our customer in mind through our superior proprietary technology and in collaboration with the world's best partners.
  2. We want to foster an open and healthy corporate culture in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one's abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.
  3. We seek to contribute toward the development of a global society as a good corporate citizen, law-abiding and ethical, by fulfilling our responsibilities toward each country and community in which we operate and respecting local culture and history.
  4. We put concern for the environment as a priority in all our business activities so as to protect people's safety and health as well as the world's natural resources.
  5. We endeavor to maximize our corporate value, and on the basis of sound and transparent management, we strive to achieve appropriate profits and reserves, constantly seek to implement management innovation and energetically invest in research and development, among others, in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders.

Corporate Philosophy

Established April 1950
Capital 233 million yen
Main Shareholder Toshiba TEC Corporation
Line of Products Production and distribution of washing machines for commercial use, vacuum packers, and industrial parts cleaning equipment
Employees 275
Plant Outline Plant site 16,556m2, Total floor area 11,570m2
Main Banks Shizuoka Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
HP Addresses


April 1950Sawamura Seisakusho was established as a subcontract factory for Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd.
(Ohito Plant of Toshiba at that time), started production of typewriter parts.
June 1955Changed the company name to TOSEI ELECTRIC CORPORATION Capital: 2 million yen.
October 1955Started production of lighting fixtures for Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Toshiba TEC Corporation at present).
March 1958Started manufacturing and distributing washing machines for commercial use.
December 1960Moved to the present location, increased capital, and built an extension on the factory. Capital: 4.5 million yen.
November 1969Designated as a JIS certified factory (JIS C8106).
May 1979Increased capital to 96 million yen.
December 1979Finished the office building (developed a fully-automatic trichloroethane dry cleaning machine and began manufacturing and distribution).
October 1981Started production of electronic devices for Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Toshiba TEC Corporation at present).
January 1985Developed a microprocessor-controlled washer dryer/microprocessor-controlled petroleum dry cleaner and began manufacturing and distribution.
May 1985Developed a vacuum packer for commercial use and began manufacturing and distribution.
August 1985Introduced the NC turret punch press and ATC press brake. (Plate FMS)
November 1986Received the Award from the Tokyo Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. Introduced the machining center.
June 1990Finished a new plant (Plant No. 2). (Total 2,358m2)
July 1991Increased capital to 230 million yen.
January 1992Started export of cleaning machines to Germany.
October 1992Developed industrial parts cleaning equipment and began manufacturing and distribution.
January 1993Finished a showroom and a training room.
June 1997Introduced the TP (increase of total productivity) movement.
January 1999Transferred control of the lighting fixture production department to Lighting Technology Corporation.
March 2000Finished a vacuum cook laboratory and a software development room.
September 2000Introduced the NC laser punch press.
January 2001Developed a stationary and continuous vacuum packer and began manufacturing and distribution.
January 2001Started design and installation of kitchen equipment for a vacuum cook system.
April 2001Developed a coin-operated fully-automatic washer/dryer and began manufacturing and distribution.
August 2001Developed a commercial package, house type, Coin Laundry Mini and began distribution.
March 2002Developed Coin Laund Mini Hello Call System and began manufacturing and distribution.
July 2002Started national regular holding of vacuum cook seminars.
October 2003Developed a boiling sterilization unit and began manufacturing and distribution.
December 2003Set up a vacuum cook training school.
January 2004Developed nutrition management software for vacuum cook and began distribution.
September 2004Obtained ISO 14001 (Management System Certification) (Head Office, Factory).
June 2005Marked its 50th anniversary.
September 2006Developed a hot water sterilization washer dryer for hospitals and started its manufacture and distribution.
January 2007Developed Coin Laund Mini "TOSEI Net Store Management System" and started its manufacture and distribution.
March 2009Obtained OHSAS 18001 (Head Office, Factory).
April 2012Merged with TEC Appliance Corporation.
Changed the company name to TOSEI CORPORATION.
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