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Environment basic policy

TOSEI Corporation, Environment Basic Policy


TOSEI Corporation is located inside Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, and co-existing with local residents in clean and green country along Kanogawa river stream. We take actions based on TOSEI management philosophy and policy, appreciate corporate liability as 21st century to succeed this sound environment to the next generation and protect this earth not replaceable. Environmental protection is recognized as the most important management issue.

Basic policy

We develop, design, manufacture and provide service for the following equipment laundry machines, vacuum packaging machines, industrial parts cleaning machines. In this business we promote continuous environmental improvement based on the following basic policy.

  1. Green of Product
    • We promote to reduce environmental load through life cycle by green procurement of eco-friendly parts and materials, energy saving and specified chemical substances reducing design.
    • We promote sales of environment-conscious products and contribute to reduce environment load on products usage of our customers.
  2. Green of Process
    • We will take actions on air pollution control, soil pollution control, water pollution control through factory production and management.
    • We will protect neighborhood living environment to prevent noise, vibration, odors, painting dust and chemical substances pollution from our factory.
    • In view of limited resources on the earth we will take actions on TOSEI scope of saving energy (electricity), saving natural resources. For energy saving we will set our goal to achieve.
  3. Green Management
    • Environmental factors on business activities, products and service we will evaluate environmental impact including biodiversity impact to promote and achieve objectives and goals on reduction of environmental burden and pollution control for continuous improvement.
    • We will comply with Toshiba and Toshiba TEC group standards, internal requirements and volunteer conditions as well as environmental related regulations or requirement TOSEI decided to comply with.
    • We will have PR actions and education for our employees to raise environmental consciousness.
    • We will make public our basic environmental policy and activities.
    • We will announce outside the company our environmental actions and achievements in relation with the local community to reduce environmental load.

May 27, 2014
TOSEI Corporation, President, Yoji Kamiya

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