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Introduction of the TOSPACK hot series

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TOSPACK hot series

Pack hot!

Use 2 packaging temperature modes by foods' temperature

Pack hot foods on hot pack mode and cold foods on normal mode.

Hygienic and efficient packaging by avoiding most bacteria growing temperature range.

Chart : high temp bacteria dying temp, O-157 dying temp, red zone – most perilous temp zone of food poisoning, Hot pack temp zone (60-95℃)、Normal mode zone (<10℃).

Cold food mode (normal mode)
Preserve fresh fish, meat and vegetables, Seasoning of block meat, marinated food, Vacuum cooking, freeze seasoning, Softening packaging, Intermittent vacuum packaging, Prevent boiling over.

Hot pack mode
Stewing, Boiling food, Souce, Soup, Prevent boiling over.

Mounted non-contact temp sensor inside chamber

Program unique to Hot pack

Reduce working hours

Save pre-pack cooling process and reduce labor cost.

Use for take-out or internet retailing menus

Good for oiled food, noodles soup, pasta source, cooked meat food.

Match hygienic control on HACCP

Reduce risk by pack on cooking to avoid bacteria growing during cooling process.


For less cooking time

We used to pack food at 10℃ or lower temp with conventional vacuum packaging equipment, that needed cooling time for cooked hot food. Hot pack can package hot food to save substantial time.

For take-out and internet retailing – 20 packs

Pack after cooling down – food temp, cook, cooling, vacuum pack, heating and boiling, cooling, sales total 214 min.
Pack hot – reduce about 2 hours – 94 min.


For Cook chill – 20 packs

Pack after cooling down – cook, cooling, vacuum pack, preserve total 104 min.
Pack hot – reduce by 50 min. total 54 min.– More efficient


For take-out, internet retailing menus

Normal packing leaves inconsistent seasoning inside the pack as oiled food coagulate by cooling after cooked. Hot pack serves consistent quality food as it packs hot food after cooked.
Till now > Packs inconsistent as oiled food coagulated after cooling down – inconsistent taste – reduce food quality – Hot pack gives oiled food for consistent taste – Contribute for more sales

For take-out, internet retailing menus

Match hygienic food control based on HACCP

Before > cooling food 0-3℃ within 90 min. More risk of bacteria growing during cooling.
Hot pack > pack hot to prevent bacteria growing Less risk.
Number of bacteria grow inside the pack after 7 days 420 pieces bacteria/gram in packs after cooling, 220 pieces in hot hacks (tested by Toyo inspection center)

Match hygienic food control based on HACCP

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