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First in the market. Heat pump applied wash and dry machine saves energy for powerful drying. Long-waited Wash and Dry machine.

Eco friendly, saving energy

Same performance as gas drying, improved energy saving and eco friendliness.

Resources saving features

Automatic dryer finish function, Applied heat loss reduction structure, more function on resources saving.

Ductless air exhaust

In room air exhaust operation

How heat pump works

Max 115℃ powerful drying as gas dryer.

Reduce one step in oeration

Large touch panel, reduce filter cleaning, non stop wash and dry, auto injection of liquid detergent

Full features

Light ring navigation. Color selection, drainage water straightener. Hot water spec, detergent aids max 3 additional.

Eco friendly, energy saving

At the same drying performance as Gas dryer, energy saving and environmental efficiency improved significantly.

Can save running cost and CO2 emission.

Save your cost – CO2 emission, energy cost – electric heater, LP gas, Heat pump.

Applied eco-friendly cooling medium CO2 .

CO2 cooling medium is zero rate ozone depletion at global warming rate 1.0, it's eco-friendly and safe.

Cooling medium Ozone depletion Global warming GWP (100 years) Acceptable concentration (ppm) Flammability (vol %)
1.0 4750 1000 Flaming retardant
Substitution freon
0 1430 1000 Flaming retardant
CO2 0 1 5000 Flaming retardant

Centralized energy source by electric heat pump

Connected with water and sewerage, electricity and air exhaust, other additional equipment for gas or steam duct work is not necessary.

Centralized energy source by electric heat pump

How it works – Heat pump drying

The secret of generating drying power at max 115℃ as good as gas drying is CO2.

cooling medium heat pump – a master card of energy saving technology, collecting unnecessary heat and generate heat where in need.

We used to let go much energy left in the moisture air after drying clothes, while heat pump drying collects heat energy in the exhaust air by the evaporator, compress to high temp to emit heat by gas cooler in order to generate drying wind.

Resources saving features

Automactic finishing function*1 to reduce drying time detecting clothes dried.

Too much drying damages clothes it's waste of energy. This function is good for clothes and energy saving.

*1 Automatic finishing function can be set adjustable.

洗濯・脱水・乾燥・乾燥しすぎ 過剰な乾燥をする前に機械がストップ!衣類がふんわり仕上がります

Applied heat loss reduction structure – do not lose heat generated.

Improved heat insulation heat loss reduced by 10% from the previous models. Technology to bring out heat pump feature.

More energy saving on heat efficiency
Heat image on the previous models
Heat image on the previous models
Heat image of heat loss reduction structure
Heat image of heat loss reduction structure

Other cost saving features

Finish wash and extraction by the time you want, or operate during night hours of electricity discount.
Less volume button
Low volume, quick wash for less volume button to operate less operation time, less water, less detergent automatically.
Save electricity to put off touch panel.
Peak cut mode
Energy saving mode can cut max 20% electricity.

Reduce one step in routine

Easy operation on large LCD touch panel, easy to understand

Easy set up of course menu on large LCD panel for max 5 courses for one touch.

Course selection display
Course selection display
In operation display
In operation display

No need for daily filter cleaning*2

Reduce workload of filter cleaning.
Eliminate lint waste by water power.

New developed "water filter" (patent pending) eliminates lint filter cleaning.

*2 Air intake filter cleaning is needed.
Check regional regulations on sewage, drainage water and septic tank as waste trapped by water filter unit is drained out Optional water filter unit is available to catch water drainage strainer.

Water filter unit
Water filter unit
Water scrubbing
Water scrubbing

None stop from washing to drying

Less space for wash and dry integrated unit No need to replacing clothes between washer to dryer, it's efficient.

No replacement of clothe
No replacement of clothe
Less space
Less space

Automatic detergent injection

Correct volume preset for detergent. Max 3 soap pumps for preferred choice of washing.

Air exhaust ductless

・No duct work though dryer is in need
In house air exhaust system*1

Air exhaust is collected its heat by heat pump, the air is cooled and dehumidified, for exhausted in house without air duct.
Several limitations.

・need a machine of no air exhaust
Complete air recycling system*2

Heat pump and cooling water enables recycling air ductless system to dehumidify moisture air.


*1 In-house air exhaust affects room environment of temperature and humidity, which mitigates the effect when air conditioner is equipped or air ventilation is sufficient.
*2 Recycling system uses water to cool down drying cycle. This water can be stored in a tank for next warm washing for proposal to customers need

Full features

Optional Ring light navi

to let you know machine in operation

Optional Ring light navi to let you know machine in operation

Notifies you of machine operation status.

Colors of your choice

Machine exterior.

Standard color
Standard color
Optional color
Optional color

Black and pink color is available.

Other options

  • ・Water drainage strainer*3
  • ・Warm water specification
  • ・Aid detergent max 3 optional

*3 Sewage strainer to catch lint waste trapped in water filter unit.

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