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Heat pump washer/dryer

newreleased on July 25, 2013
Washing capacity 32㎏ Drying capacity 22㎏ ECO HOT HP
  • Efficient non-stop opeation
  • Clean drum every time
  • Natural cooling media of CO2
  • Large touch pane LCD

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PowerAC200V 3-phase, 50/60Hz
Load capacityWashing capacity 32kg, Drying capacity 22kg
Drum size840 diameter × 565 length
Electricity consumptionWashing:2.9kW Drying:12.5kW
Motor capacity Drum3.7kW/6P
Earth leakage breaker60A 100mA,0.1sec
CompressorComplete seal-up compressor(output power: 6.4kW)
Air flow12.5m3/min
Exhaust connection Φ200
Extraction drum rotation speed500 to 730rpm
Duct connection Water supply 25A
Hot water supply 25A(Option)
Water exhaust 65A
Freezing capacity2.98t(Outside high pressure gas safety regulation, not need to report to the authorities)
Solvent injectionWashing solvent injection pump × 2
Aid solvent injectionMax 3 optional
Cooling mediaR744(CO2) (enclosure vol. 4.3kg)
Size(W×D×H)1570 × 1462 × 1894mm
Weight 1450kg
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